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Content Marketing Manager Application



Have you ever applied for a job by creating a web page?

No? Neither have I, so bear with me while I take a crack at getting this done.

First off, my name is Matt Mansfield. I live in Deerfield, IL (about 30 mins north of Chicago). For the past 8 years, I’ve worked remotely out of my home office.

I view content creation, whether it’s text, image, video or audio, as both a passion and a calling. I have a background in PR and literally wrote the book on content marketing. In addition, I bring 16+ years of experience in successfully driving targeted online traffic using content designed to increase both qualified conversions and brand awareness.

Click here to learn more about my background.

Bringing the Results

My results? Here are some stats:

Between October 1, 2010 and August 11, 2016, and across all the sites for which I write, my work:

  • Attracted visitors to a site 1,738,246 times.
  • Been viewed by 1,770,791 unique visitors; and
  • Enticed visitors to spend 53,123,730 minutes viewing my content (that’s 885,396 hours).

Over the same period, my YouTube videos were:

  • Viewed 78,038 times; and
  • Watched for 212,150 minutes (that’s 3,536 hours).


In my opinion, satisfaction is job one, whether it’s an employer, client, or end customers. That dedication comes through loud and clear in the positive feedback I’ve received.

Why Me?

I believe I’m the best person for this role. Why?

  • I love marketing online;
  • I love creating content; and
  • I love achieving results.

I’m an enthusiastic lifelong learner who knows how to build a website from scratch (HTML, CSS, and more). In addition, I’m a SaaS geek – I just love online software solutions.

As to experience, I’ve been in similar roles before and have achieved results:

“It was such a pleasure working with Matt on Get Shift Done for NewCo. He hit the ground running immediately, took charge of the editorial operation, and was successful in spinning up a whole stable of writers and a fantastic pipeline of content that we needed to meet business demands. He was comfortable with ambiguity all along the way — a crucial asset to anyone working at a fast-moving start-up.

I would recommend him highly for anyone looking for a super-organized, motivated self-starter. His deep expertise in SEO and SEM was icing on the cake!”

– Hayley Nelson, General Manager, Media and Product Development at NewCo

All This and SEO, Too

Yep, I have lots of SEO experience as well. I’m currently the SEO specialist over at Small Business Trends where between July 2016 and January 2017 I increased page views by 753,861 per month and organic search sessions by 485,125 per month. Click here to see some more of my amazing results.

Wrapping Up

I would love the opportunity to discuss this position with you further. To that end, you can contact me by phone at 847-224-9761 and by e-mail at

Thanks in advance for your consideration!